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Private Classes:

Ongoing Classes:

2000 Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA 94403

(415) 225-3583

Art~Yoga Classes

Are limited to only 10 students,

last 2-hours and include:

- Kundalini Yoga techniques

- Transcendental sounds

- Dynamic meditations

- Transformational breathwork

- Deep relaxation and

- Spontaneous Mandala drawing

Art~Yoga Bodywork Sessions

Sessions are private, 1 on 1 Art~Yoga™

classes incorporating bodywork to foster 

a harmonization of mind, body and spirit

to inspire the realization of one's desires

in all aspects of their life: health, business, relationships and creativity. This yoga

improves one's breathing, motion, sleep,

weight and the health of the spine and


Kundalini Yoga & Art Classes

Svetlana teaches classical Kundalini

Yoga with art, sound, meditations

and breathwork exercises that help to bring

about a realization of the heart's desires. 


Center by Sveta